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February 2013
lurking still in annealer




Terracotta Column

February 2013
10cm, 31cm
Cast tile pickup - Neo Graal


Inspired from the Minneapolis Art Institute exhibit of the terracotta warriers, I cast a plate of glass to cut into strips 1cm x 6cm. Last week I shaped a glass column on a blowpipe and picked up the preheated strips, keeping them fused but not heated to lose their shape. A 38hour annealing cycle is complete and I will check on the piece tomorrow 2/8.

I'm really satisfied with how this turned out, and am considering showing the work before this that was supposed to be exactly this. Glassblowers out there know what I'm talking about. Next piece in this series coming right after NYC trip and then FL trip - so March 2013. Sketches to come of the remaining 6 pieces.



Kiln Fired Gather

January 2013
42cm, 22cm
Cylinder cast pickup - Neo Graal



Schedule for this week, January 14

Monday, today, clean and pre-warm cylinder, 3:00PM pick up heated cylinder on a blowpipe, complete
Wednesday, remove from annealer, coldwork

Schedule for the week of January 7

Monday - fuse 30cm x 30cm x 2cm plate
Tuesday - cut plate
Wednesday - load cylinder mold, fire
Thursday - remove cylinder mold,

This color technique is a new process developed by artist and friend Mark Hall and one that I am expanding on: 1. a 30cm² glass plate of color is fused 2. the plate is cut into strips 3. the strips are arranged and fused into a cylinder 4. the cylinder is preheated and picked up on a blowpipe by blowing into the cylinder 5. a gather is added to moile and foot

    Kiln Fired Gather12221222122212221222.

Rondelle Bowl Edition Donation for Humor to Fight the Tumor 2012

September 2012, 70 piece edition
50cm diameter, 20cm height



Humor to Fight the Tumor is one of the country’s premier fundraising events benefiting those living with brain tumors and those researching more effective treatments. To date, the event has raised over $1,000,000 to aid in the fight against brain tumors. The goal of Humor to Fight the Tumor is to move people through the power of hope and laughter to contribute to the important work of the American Brain Tumor Association. The gala event features silent and live auctions, live comedy, dinner, and stories of determination and courage by brain tumor survivors and honorees.

Complete edition
Photos of the event

    70 + meRex n Aubsthe Event

Heart Centerpiece Edition Donation for Humor to Fight the Tumor 2011

September 2011, 70 piece edition
30cm depth, 60cm length, 15cm height
Wood mold blown


Wood mold blown glass hearts. Edition of 70 donated to Humor to Fight the Tumor 2011. Colors range within a purple, blue, and amber palette. The hearts were auctioned at the end of the evening and raised over $5,000. http://www.humortofightthetumor.com/

Photos of the event


Nautilus Goblets

December 2012
9cm diameter, 21cm height
Venetian Technique


Are there relationships between equiangular spirals for ?

  1. The Nautilus shell,
  2. The Fibonacci Numbers (the Golden Mean),
  3. Equal Tempered Chromatic Music Scale

One of the reasons I love glassblowing is the integration of science and art. Many of my sculptures have utilized the Golden Mean in design but here, I'm imagining a complete dinner set for Captain Nemo's submarine.


The Wave

August 2012
25cm width, 25cm length, 10cm height
Mold Cast




I'm not sure where I first saw Katsushika Hokusai's print 'Great Wave off Kanagawa' (1820's) but it has been stuck in my head for a long time. The work still makes me think of the great force beneath the ocean with the wave just an indication of it. My 'Wave' speaks more to the force lurking below.


Ikebana Red White

June 2011
10cm x 21cm

    Collaborative glass design with Ikebana artist Julia Ramos. The glass vessel is specifically designed for this floral arrangement. //Note 2013: I am very surprised more glass artists aren't teaming up with floral designers, even now I cannot find another example.


August 2010
46cm length x 21cm width x 28cm height
Wood Mold Blown

    Blown glass fish into a wood box mold. The burning wood in this process produces incredible textures in the glass. As the mold is used the textures become more defined, richer.

Earth Drop

June 2010
30cm x 15cm x 35cm


Floral Blue

May 2010
12cm x 31cm

    Blown glass and floral collaboration with designer Rhonda Rekstad. Floral artists are taught many arranging techniques to hide the vessel. Here we take the opposite approach. As with working with Ikebana, I'm shocked more glass artists aren't working with floral designers - redefining the craft. There is so much potential and I love the temporary aspect of each work.


September 2009
10cm x 56cm


Pillar of glass to communicate the emotion calm. Other emotion pillars soon to come.

Notes: Two glass artists whose work I greatly enjoy are Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott. My 'Calm' spire mimics their use of filigrano, enhancing the form in a wire frame contour line manner. While most of their work is representative or insired by nature, for once I"m seeking an experience void of conflict or undefined use.



June 2009
22cm x 80cm

    Glass pendant light with halogen bulb. // Note 2013: I experiemented with many different types of light for this piece looking for the right visual temperature and color. The form is organic and flows gracefully. Here it is craft and perhaps that increases the instances that it is observed, interacted with.


September 2008
41cm x 9cm, 13cm x 30cm


Paired forms to suggest movement.

Notes: Unwilling to abandon the vessel but the desire to convey the constant movement of glass as a super cooled liquid. Again the boundary is unclear as craft or art. When I study Lino Tagliapietra's work in the late '90s beyond the intense coloring and decoration there is also a movement and flow to his pieces that I admire.


Amethyst Sea

16cm x 8cm x 20cm


CAD designed pattern and printed for construction.

Notes: In 2006 I was continuing to study Japanese contempory glass but drifted off to look at Kate Rhoads' work. I fell in love with her glass inclusions, inspired by kimono patterns. Perhaps the fish themes of Hiroshi Yamano brought me to the sea. The inclusons were constructed, photographed and texture wrapped around the 3d model and manipulated into final position. I can see the value of this technique on a much more intricate piece.


Red Drop

17cm x 62cm


The color technique is dark red over white Swedish overlay. The form negates its use as a vessel transforming it to a visual object. //Note 2013: I'm still interested in the tension where studio glass is difficult to define as art or craft. The vessel suggests craft but it's elongated shape limits is ability to function as a vessel.

Notes: Inpired by Dante Marioni's work, and Boyd Sugiki, particularly the elongated form of the vessel but keeping the visual proportion. A trimmed lip would have brought the piece closer but I wanted to keep an organic quality to the form. The tension of the flowing top, as if a trail of a drop to the perfectly symetric base. Perhaps with the lack of decoration Boyd Sugiki's work was more of an influence as Dante often includes more filigrana technique.
























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